Download Free Study - Software Vendors: The Shift to SaaS

A Successful Transition To SaaS Requires A Commitment To More Than Just Technology

Study - Software Vendors: The Shift to SaaS

If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, it’s time to get serious about the opportunity SaaS presents – missing out could be a real game changer.

Whether it’s the threat of SaaS competitors moving into the market or the lure of the cloud, many software vendors are pondering if now is the time to embrace SaaS.

This commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of cleverbridge AG provides the knowledge you need to navigate the road to “SaaS-ification.”

Those who have already transitioned to SaaS have seen numerous benefits, from predictable cash flows and new market opportunities to reduced operational expenses. However, the road to “SaaS-ification” is not an easy one, and requires not only the creation of a compelling, scalable, cloud-based product but also the restructuring of business operations to support SaaS as a direct B2B channel.

Download this study to learn:

  • The benefits SaaS can bring to your business portfolio including faster implementation times, continuous upgrades, and support for changing business processes
  • How others who have switched to SaaS have reaped significant rewards, the most considerable being a steady, predictable cash flow
  • Proven strategies to navigate the barriers to entering the SaaS market
  • The type of investments necessary to succeed, the commitment to SaaS goes beyond pure technology

This in-depth report and accompanying webinar will help you decide whether or not SaaS is right for your business. By evaluating the benefits and opportunities and investigating the issues and threats of SaaS, our findings provide an invaluable guidebook to successfully navigate the road to “SaaS-ification.”


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This Forrester Consulting study was commissioned by cleverbridge AG.

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